Picture-Perfect Homes in Dublin, CA

Picture-Perfect Homes in Dublin, CA

Molinar Home Design lays it all out for you

Are you thinking of building a custom new home in Dublin, California? Call Molinar Home Design to come up with the perfect design for your life. Our owner, Mark, draws comprehensive layouts for our clients. We want you to understand what you’re getting into before you start building. Call 925-200-2598 to learn more about how Molinar Home Designs can help you build your perfect Dublin, CA home.

3 Reasons to hire an architect for your new home

Make your house look perfect from day one when you work with an architect to design your dream home. The Molinar Home Design team will make sure your needs and goals are understood. A great architect like Mark will:

1 Take the time to listen to your needs. At Molinar Home Design, we take into account how you plan to use each room in your house, your aesthetic tastes and the area’s zoning requirements.
2 Come up with a design that’s both beautiful and functional. Architects are trained to think about the function and form of a home. Make sure your home is as beautiful as it is livable.
3 Increase the value of your home. A custom home has a higher value than a cookie-cutter house. At Molinar Home Design, we use high quality materials and timeless designs to keep your property’s value high for years to come.

Mark’s degree specializes in residential architecture. Through his education and experience in the Dublin, CA market, he’s become an expert at helping clients create homes that exceed their expectations. Reach out to us today to start planning your dream house.